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  • Several trips
    Several trips

    Our first 3-day outing with our New-West is at the Gorges de Coaticook. We also visited Parc Frontenac, Parc des Hautes-Gorges-de-la-Malbaie, Parc des Grands-Jardins, Parc d'Oka and more!

    Hélène Mercier and Laurent Guimond
    Owner of an RV and New-West club members
  • Satisfied customer
    Satisfied customer

    A big THANK YOU to the whole team for the work and after-sales care. Superb

    Philippe Ralet
    New-West Client
  • Satisfied customer
    Satisfied customer

    I have a 2015 New-West (bought new), it's winter at -35c, alone in nature and the vehicle won't start because of the extreme cold... what should I do?

    No problem! in less than 5 seconds, flip the switch to take power from the camper battery and the vehicle starts.

    Attention to detail, that's New West!

    Charles Drolet
    Client New-West
  • Road 66
    Road 66

    Departure to New-West for a 2-month trip in the Southwest of the United States, return via the West Coast and the North of the country. Comfortably traveling through a country with such different landscapes, panoramas and climates can only confirm the great diversity of our planet.

    Pauline & Robert
    RV owner and Club New-West Members
  • Impeccable service
    Impeccable service

    Thank you for the service following my purchase. You make good vehicles but knowing how to count on helpful employees who know their vehicles adds a lot to the experience. Thank you!

    Claude Duguay
    New-West Client
  • Comfort for the whole family
    Comfort for the whole family

    This is really great! I go everywhere with my family (2 adults, 2 children). The roof bed is perfect for children.

    Paul-André Belles-Isle
    New-West Client
  • 5* service
    5* service

    Great service since our purchase in 2014.

    Stéphan Gagnon
    New-West Client
  • Request information
    Request information

    The sales staff are very helpful and knowledgeable and took the time to answer all of our questions. When we move up to Class B, New-West vehicles will be at the top of our wishlist.

    Mena Poirier
    Future owner New-West
  • Cold campers
    Cold campers

    I bought a New-West in 2003 with the full intention of camping 12 months of the year. After having experienced winter camping in a tent, we appreciate all the more the comfort of our New West, which allows us to stay dry.

    Gilles Lemieux and Lorraine Couture
    Owner of an RV et m embres club New-West