Laveo battery dry toilet (Dry Flush)

Laveo battery dry toilet (Dry Flush)

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Please allow 2 to 3 weeks.

We didn't think we could be in love with a toilet! Completely autonomous, with extremely simple and mess-free maintenance and bag refilling, the Dry Flush toilet is ideal for living the van life without hassle.

  • Portable and waterless
  • Long-lasting rechargeable battery
  • No external power source or chemicals are needed
  • Disposable, quick-change cartridges for easy, mess-free cleaning
  • Complete standard size toilet seat

Using the same principle as a diaper bin, the waste is sealed each time the flush is activated, eliminating any odor for up to 3 weeks. Activate the flush for solid waste, and space out the activations using the powder intended to gel the urine.

When the cartridge is used up (approximately 15 flushes), simply dispose of the waste in a trash can and replace with a new cartridge.

Included with the toilet:

  • Battery and charger
  • 1x Cartridge (approximately 15 flushes activations)
  • 1x Urine Gelling Powder 5.5 oz (reduce flushing activation by up to 40%)

Battery specifications:

  • The toilet is intended to be powered only by Dry Flush batteries.
  • The battery works well down to at least -20°F (-30°C).
  • The internal battery will last over 300 flush activations before you need to recharge it. It takes several months between charges.
  • The toilet comes with a fully charged battery and charger cable.
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